All you need to know for Boating @ DUC

Essential Boating Info


To apply for an DUC number for your boat or jet ski ,you will need to be a paid up Ordinary member of DUC.

Please email and state your full name and that you require a DUC Boat Number. Once your boat has been passed with this new DUC Number you will need to send us a copy of the certificate, buoyancy certificate, skippers ticket, photographs, ICASA license or proof of payment thereof for our records. If these are not received your boat will not be allowed to launch.

DUC boat numbers will allow members to launch their DUC registered boats at the Vetch’s Beach Launch site without paying a launch fee. The launch site is controlled by the Durban Ski Boat Club (DSBC) but has to adhere to the Port Captain’s rules and regulations due to the proximity of the launch site to Africa’s busiest harbour entrance.

To apply for a DUC boat number the following is required:

  • Current DUC membership number
  • In date and current Skippers ticket
  • Proof of Boat Seaworthiness and that the form reflects that the boat owner is a DUC member.


If you wish to do a Skippers Course, Please contact the following directly

Paul Dawson (0824880077)

Ronnie Windsor (0828955904)

If you have lost your Skippers Ticket or have any queries regards Skippers Tickets please contact Gail at Natal Deep Sea Angling (0312056310) or via email on or visit them at 15 Gorge Road, Umbilo, Durban.


Only Jet ski’s equipped for fishing and are over 3m in length can use the launch facilities at DSBC base. Jet Ski numbers are obtained as per procedures outlined in the “DUC BOAT NUMBERS” page

Conditions of launching a Jet Ski are:That besides being longer than 3m in length, the ski is equipped for fishing

That the jet skis will launch for the sole purpose of fishing
No “joy riding” is permitted at any time – including wave jumping, erratic, fast maneuvers, etc
If a jet ski owner wants to conduct the above maneuvers they must launch at Laguna Beach
The skis must observe the “no wake” rule within Vetch’s reef – i.e proceed slowly and safely keeping a lookout for divers / swimmers.
The skis must stay clear of the harbor mouth.
That should these procedures / rules not be adhered to, the Port Captain is entitled to remove the launch rights for jet skis from Vetch’s.
Signing In and Out for launches and Radio checks
20/02/2014 : Jet Ski Protocol Meeting-Durban Ski Boat Club
The following Jet Ski Protocol was agreed:

The water area from the yellow buoy at the end of Vetch’s reef to the beach is a wake free zone.
Although 29mg radios were stipulated VHF radios are acceptable. Whilst cell phones are a good additional safety feature they are no substitute.
All DTD and KZN numbers (this applies to current members of the PWC) must be re-inspected and DUC or S numbers issued.
The practice of leaving Jet Skis unattended on the shore zone is not allowed——–all craft to be trailered and removed from the zone, once they have returned from fishing.
A focus committee is in place and they will spearhead to new safety initiative.
All visiting craft that are registered with a NDSAA club are to report to the tower. The boat must be inspected and the guest is to be taken through a protocol procedure.The visiting skipper is to sign a prepared check list.
There will be a very evident presence of DSBC safety officers on all weekends. They are to be issued with yellow T shirts, embroided “DSBC Safety Officer” They will also be given blue DSBC shorts.
Visiting craft that are not affiliated will be inspected, and given the protocol procedure. They will pay R250 before launching.
All skippers to radio the DSBC tower on Channel 19 (29mg) or Channel 8 if on VHF. Please identify the channel being used. Example: This is Jet Ski S667 calling on VHF channel 8, do you receive?
Each craft to check their radio function with the tower before launching, and also to ask permission to beach.
All jet skis to make sure they keep clear of yachts that are anchored in Vetch’s basin.


If you plan to use your boat in the harbour, harbour permit forms are required. These can be completed during the annual boat inspection in November each year, however the disc’s will only become available in April the following year as the validity period for harbour permits is from April to March.

To apply for a harbour permit disc you will need to bring in a copy of your in date Certificate of Fitness for your boat so we can attach it the completed harbour permit application form.

Should you have any queries please mail them to the DUC office E-Mail


  1. You need to first ensure you are a paid up member of the club and then pay for your inspection forms.
  2. Collect for your COF form to the office (Yellow, white & pink form) You will need to keep your receipt or proof of payment for your forms as this will be your ONLY way to collect your Inspection form from the boat inspectors on the club boat inspection day. If you boat was inspected by a non DUC or DSBC surveyor you will need to provide them with proof of good standing with your club and ensure that ALL the documents are returned to the DUC. office together.
  3. In summary you will need
    COF – which reflect that the owner of the boat is a club member
    Buoyancy certificate
    Skippers ticket
    Radio licenses
    SAMSA check list completed
    Harbour permit form (optional)
    If any EFT payments have been made, please bring proof of payment.



When there are lots of boats launching at the Vetches launch site, DSBC (who control the launch site, remember!) will operate the golf ball system for tractors.Here is the plan:

You get a golf ball and put your boat number on it with an indelible Koki pen
On arrival you put your golf ball in the pipe that is fixed on the opposite wall to the entrance to the DSBC.
One of your crew stands by the pipe and when your numbered golf ball pops out you get the next tow. If you are not ready when the ball pops out your golf ball goes back in at the top, and you wait your turn again.
This applies to all boats, be they shelter stored craft, or towed to the club, and it includes visitors. Your crew must stand in the line, when busy tractor drivers have been briefed to only go to the golf ball queue to pick up the next tow.
Please look out for visitors and guide them to Karen’s table so she can be of help to them.

Tractor Drivers

There are three tractor drivers that live on site at DSBC: Blessing, Welcome and Twenty. Some of you know where their rooms are and wake them up at all hours to get them to launch you. Please note that are not paid by DSBC to work during the night. You are welcome to wake them up so that they can assist you but please make sure you remunerate them for their time.

These guys work really long hours when the weather is good. Please be patient when they are trying to launch lots of boats in the morning. They go as fast as they can!

All three are awesome, humble men who work extremely hard. Please treat them as you would wish to be treated!

We thank you for your co-operation in this regard!