Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography @ DUC

Underwater photography is an expensive, challenging but extremely rewarding hobby. It requires a specific skill set to dive, not get lost and at the same time put yourself in the space of most opportunity – And after all that – get the image you are after! DUC Underwater Photographic section caters for all levels of underwater photographers. We organise photo dives, dive trips as well as “how to talks” at the club.

The DUC Shootout

South Africa’s premier underwater photographic competition with international judges and incredible prizes!The competition is run annually and is organised by the club. The competition shooting period is over 6 months and is open to all levels of photographer, from NOVICE to PRO. The club has over the years, established strong relationships with photographic suppliers and top international and local photographers. In this way, the DUC underwater photographic club is a portal to invaluable tips and information about techniques, equipment together with preferential pricing! Any trips, dives, talks or workshops are advertised to members and non – members through FB and email newsletter – so be sure to like DUC FB page and ensure you are on the DUC mailing list.

2021 DUC Shootout Feedback from the Judge Convener – Allen Walker

In a time where our access to the oceans have been restricted due to numerous reasons, all the entrants found a way to enter images and wear their hearts on their sleeves. It was a privilege and an honour to convene this year’s shootout because I got to see everyone’s images first and really look at them and measure them up to the original images taken by the amazing contestants.

This year had some amazing images, some I have never seen before! There are many photographers with a bright future if this is the level of images being entered with their current level of experience. (Pro’s, watch out…)

Judge Convener – Allen Walker

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