SA Masters 2023

Another fantastic Masters Waterpolo tournament comes to an end. Great to see so many from years gone by. Huge congrats to our DUC Impi’s for taking the silver medal in a nail biting QP Geezers final, going down 7-6.🥈
New kids on the block, The Cowboys🤠, in their maiden Masters tournament – a massive congrats for taking silver in the open section.🥈 So proud of you all. 🥂
Spirit of the Tournament, who kept us well entertained as they do every year went to The Thoroughbreds.. 🐴
Many thanks to all the teams for coming to town, and huge congrats to all the winners – always a pleasure. Till next year.. Sid, DUC Waterpolo

Waterpolo @ DUC

Looking for a competitive team sport played in the water between two teams. Enjoy teamwork, tactical thinking and game awareness.

Water polo is a combination of swimming, basketball, football and rugby. For anyone to say these athletes aren’t some of the best, has not experienced the game. Water polo is a highly physical and demanding sport and has frequently been cited as one of the toughest sports to play. In fact it is the oldest Olympic Team Sport, since 1900, and is rated in the top five “most strenuous sports” at the Olympics, and it’s rated in the top ten of all sports as “most strenuous” (7th!). Think you are up to it? Go ahead: Store your tackle, park your boat. Hang up your wet suite and fins, Take off your life jacket and store your board. Take your clothes off and join us. Ladies welcome. My aim is to grow the sport within DUC. Currently we have two mixed (men and ladies) competing teams in the KZN Water Polo league. Interested players both male and female are urged to contact me:
Sidney Grey Committee Member – Water Polo Representative
083 275 3149


DUC Waterpolo Team SA Masters 2023

DUC Water Polo Member Terry Grey accedited by the World Water Polo Referees’s Association.

A selection of the DUC Water Polo Players, showing the new DUC T Shirt with new logo, getting ready for this coming S A Masters Water Polo tournament