South African Speadfishing Nationals 2024

The KZN Spearfishing Team took top honors at this year’s South African Spreafishing Nationals hosted by Algoa Underwater Club.  Thank you to Durban Undersea Club, Rob Allen International & Freedivers International for the support.

Well done team – Alistair Jones, Gerhard Vosloo, Dave Aldworth, Bruce Brauteseth, Ian Dodds and Garryd Ensore.

Spearfishing @ DUC

Spearfishing has been around for ages and despite great advances in gear and techniques it is still probably the most immersive form of fishing possible, you enter the fish’s habitat and accept the risks that comes with it. There are few things that compare with the underwater environment and it goes way beyond the fish we bring home, it is a different world down there to explore and enjoy so take a deep breath and join us in this unique sport.

Getting Started

Getting started: We are lucky in KZN and in particular in Durban to have some of the best spearfishing equipment suppliers with a endless range of locally produced products, I have listed a few under sponsors. These guys live spearfishing every day and are very knowledgeable so make sure you have a chat to them before taking the plunge and buying gear, buying the right gear the first time round will save you lots of money in the long run.

Starting gear will comprise of: