The DUC Shootout Rules

The Durban Undersea Club, with the generous support of committed sponsors and dedicated volunteers, is proud to host the 10th DUC Shootout.

The DUC Shootout seeks, through a visual medium to:

  • promote inland and coastal waters of Southern Africa as diving destinations,
  • promote an understanding and appreciation of the diversity and beauty of the underwater world and
    the need to preserve it,
  • celebrate the already high standard of underwater photography in the wider diving community and
    encourage the growth of underwater photography,
  • promote the discovery, understanding, and responsible enjoyment of the underwater world, and
  • encourage innovation and creativity whilst maintaining excellence in underwater photography.


The Durban Undersea Club Shootout (“the DUC Shootout”) aims to be one of the most prestigious competitions of its kind, attracting entries from professionals and amateurs, worldwide. The Durban Undersea Club invites entries to the DUC Shootout from amateur and professional photographers.

The images entered in the competition may be featured in various media and/or exhibitions to increase awareness of the beauty of the Southern African underwater world and the promotion of South Africa as a diving destination.

Shooting must take place in the natural inland and coastal waters of Southern Africa. Rivers, lakes, lagoons, springs, rock pools and quarry’s are defined as “natural inland waters”. Swimming pools and aquariums are not defined as natural inland waters.

Southern Africa is defined as Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho.

Our DUC Shootout Sponsors