Open Water Swim

Open water swimming is an extremely popular sport in the Durban region, and it was introduced to the club by Steve Evans in late 2020 due to a lot of public swimming pools being closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and interest from many members.

It is open to everyone; all ages, capabilities, novices, experienced swimmers – all are welcome. The section is now up and running and thriving with almost 350 members on the Open Water Swimming WhatsApp group.

Swims are held two times during the week and once on weekends, the days dependant on weather conditions. We do not swim when the sea is rough or there are bluebottles. Distances vary and are around 1500m during the week and a bit longer on the weekends. The swims are structured so that the slower swimmers will be looked after and will join up with the faster swimmers at regular intervals.

There is parking available at the club for club members, plenty of outside parking for non club members, shower facilities for all and a control office to take care of keys and gear. Swims start at 6am on weekdays during summer, 6.20 am in the winter month and around 7.00 am on weekends, so a perfect opportunity to get some healthy exercise in before heading off to work.

Open Water League Swims @ DUC

  1. At all times COVID protocols must be observed . Masks need not be worn on the beach but do try and social distance.
  2. SWIMMING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. The distance will be around 1600m with 2/3 longer 2000m swims thrown in when weather looks suitable.
  3. The league will comprise of 10 swims this year, every last Saturday or Sunday of the month, except for December which will be on the 16th December.
  4. There will be no Prize giving except for the last swim of the year. Points from each swim will be added up and the swimmer with the highest points, wins the category.
  5. Age categories have been simplified < 17 GUPPIES <36 SAILFISH <51 MAKOS <71 WALRUS 71 and over COELACANTHS
  6. The age you start the series with, is the age you finish with. Entry is R50.
  7. Buoys will be put out and limited safety craft will be in the water.
  8. No on the day entry. WhatsApp Steve on 0828555516 and you will be allocated a number. This is your number for the series.
  9. Wetsuits will be allowed on cold days and this will be announced the day before.
  10. On the swim day, tick your number off the register, collect your band and you are ready to go.
  11. If in trouble, wave your arm and the guards will assist or you must slowly head back to the beach.
  12. Caps must be worn and numbers must be on the arm. When you finish, just shout your number, no name necessary.
  13. Results will be sent out early the following week.
  14. Bacon and egg rolls will be available , FREE OF CHARGE, for all swimmers and helpers. Support the club and have a cup of coffee as well.
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Jul 27 2024


06:45 - 09:00

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Point Watersports Club
1 Mahatma Gandhi Road (Point Rd) Point Waterfront DURBAN, Kwazulu Natal 4000
Steve Evans


Steve Evans

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