Angie v d Hoogen


About Me

I have always been drawn to the ocean from a very young age, having grown up on the coast. In 2009, I completed my PADI Open Water SCUBA certification and have been actively diving since (mostly on Aliwal Shoal) as a PADI Advanced diver.

I made a natural transition to freediving after being exposed to the sport while on a shark snorkel. Having a completely new perspective of my underwater world, I was hooked on the meditative benefits that freediving offers. I qualified for my Level 2 Molchanovs freediving course in October 2022 and am currently training for Level 3.

What I soon learnt, is that freediving is so much more than just a sport. The mental and physical benefits are endless and there is ongoing research into it's therapeutic effects on the mind and body. Freediving offers a meaningful way to get outside, destress and connect with nature and like-minded people.

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