World Turtle Day – 24-hour Dive Relay

World Turtle Day is celebrated on the 23rd of May worldwide.

In order to raise awareness for Turtles and ocean conservation, Ushaka Marine World has invited all scuba divers to participate in a 24-hour dive relay!

DUC would like to support this awesome initiative and invite all our divers to participate!

1. Only 3 divers are allowed per 30 min slot.
2. All dive gear and cylinders are to be brought in by divers. ( special access has been arranged and will be explained upon registration)
3. Dive to take place in the uShaka Lagoon which has a shower and changing facilities with quick access through the Village Walk. The SAAMBR team will arrange security at the access point as well as Parking for nighttime divers in Parking B at the Village Walk. ( more detail to confirm when registered)
4. For night-time slots divers can sleep over in the Aquarium at the Open Ocean exhibit which is near ablution facilities and access to the top of the Snorkel Lagoon.
5. Divers are to bring their own food and beverages during the event. During the day there are various food outlets within uShaka Marine World as well as in the Village Walk.
6. Divers and immediate family will have access to the dive entry point and facility during their allocated time slots on the roster (and during the night for the evening slots).
7. Spectators can view from the gallery in the aquarium. SAAMBR to arrange a limited number of aquarium access passes for the daytime slots.
8. SAAMBR will create countdown signs which will be with the divers underwater.
9. We would like to encourage divers to bring their cameras and take pictures during daytime slots and share them with SAAMBR to use as stock photography of the exhibit, fish, and event. Flash/strobe lights can be used until 6pm and again after 6am. (Fish are not used to bright lights for extended time periods).
10. The exhibit and gallery lights will stay on throughout the night.

DUC would like to donate the funds raised to NSRI (Station 5) as a club. For this reason, we are asking that each person that participates pay R100 per diver ( not per dive 😊). The club will then make a donation to NSRI (Station 5) after the event.

The event is finished.


May 26 - 27 2023


13:00 - 13:00

More Info



Ushaka Dive Lagoon


Sarah Keyser
072 801 0606

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