Newsbreak 20/07/2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We all thought that Friday the 13th carried a bit of apprehension in some of our lives, but last Monday the 13th July has taken over that mantle—————we are all back on the water- wagon, and in addition, making sure what is left in the “stock house” gets allocated sparingly.

However, these things, for teetotalers like myself are meaningless.??????????????????????

Well, the date of the big move is creeping closer and closer, and our designer Kirsty Mc Knight of Design Sense is working hard to bring our own “mood’—-not the right word, but you know what I mean—-into our club house and has appealed for members to come forth with the following:

  • Vintage rod and memorabilia from diving.
  • Old fashioned paddles and surfboards. – wooden preferably
  • Any mounted fish like our existing
  • Old photos from the past clubs.
  • Diving and fishing posters
  • Underwater photographs

This is your big chance to immortalise, your rod and paddle, and anything else you feel might make the grade————-just remember to be wary of some of those old photos, when you had an ironing board stomach! You don’t want comments from your grandchildren —“granddaddy why have you got a Webber under your shirt??

Please direct all of this to Paul who is ready and waiting to receive.


This area and the design thereof are high priority, and to make sure we get it right we are consulting with the “young ones” to get their feelings and ideas. See artist impression attached.

Here is comment from Kirsty:

The idea is that it will be fun, playful and most of all adaptable to be able to change up for themed days, holidays and events and keep it interesting for the kiddies


We had some queries after the last newsletter from members that were concerned that there was no outside area for members to sit in the new clubhouse. We have attached some pictures to give you an idea of the available outside area with the club benches placed along the view.

ATT Durban Ski Boat Club members

DSBC General Meeting Request

As the two clubs (DSBC and DUC) get closer to moving into the new club house facility together, the time has come for some club admin to be formalised so that the two clubs are aligned going forward.

The committee of the DSBC has put a request forward to hold a General Meeting of the DSBC. A minimum amount of members are required to approve the holding of the meeting, so we request that if your name appears on the DSBC list of members attached, to please complete and sign the Requisition attached and then scan and email it to If your name does not appear on the list, do not worry as this is a list of the Ordinary Members of the club who will vote on the proposals. Other membership categories such as Social members are not on the list.

The details of what the meeting will be about are in the requisition document.

Tight lines and Safe Diving from your Scribe[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]