PWC Clubhouse Update 21/04/2021

Dear DUC and DSBC Members

In a normal restaurant, once it reaches capacity, they usually do not accept any more clients or orders. At the club we cannot do that easily as every one of our 7000 members expects to be able to be served when they come to the club.

The length of the queues at till points is used to give members a visual indication of the length of wait of service and delivery and the member can then choose to join the queue or rather forego the wait.

The club kitchen has a finite capacity to produce meals and on a busy day can make a meal every 20 to 30 seconds.

This is also the reason why we do not have another till point at production areas as all that will do is make the queues move faster but in turn will “jam” the kitchen or coffee counter with orders.

Members would have to wait as long – if not longer to receive their meals and coffees. (Note that the bar has more tills!)

To make the queues move faster a bit of queue etiquette and co-operation is required by members:

  • One of the behavours that regularly holds the queue up is when members give their cards to non-members to order items. When that non-member is refused service by the cashier, time is then taken to call the member to place the order, holding up the queue movement.
  • Another queue delaying tactic is not having your order ready when getting to the till point or, in worst cases, phoning someone while standing in front of the till if a particular item on the order is not available.
  • If at any time you get to the front of the queue and are unable to place your order as intended, please stand aside and allow others behind you in the queue to be served while you sort out your order.

You will be pleased to know that the clubs have now reached their capacity for members and no more new membership applications will be processed until resignations are received – so the queues will not grow much longer than they already are!

Resignations for the 21/22 membership year

The club membership year runs from August to July each year irrespective of the month you joined the club. Payment notifications with the new fees for the 2021/22 membership year will be sent out towards the end of May 2021 for both clubs.

If you do not intend to renew your membership for the 2021/22, please send an email to so that we can amend the membership record.

This will ensure that we do not send you an invoice for next year as well as make spaces available for those on the waiting list. If you advise us of your intended resignation now, you will still be able to use the club until the end of the 20/21 membership year which is July 31st 2021.

Membership fees for 2021/22

The committees of DSBC and DUC are very aware of the financial difficulties that some members have had to endure this past year.

Due to the disruption experienced last year, fees for this current (20/21) membership year were kept at the same previous years’ levels despite the increased costs incurred with the relocation and running of the new clubhouse facility.

Considering the costs incurred over the past year by the club, the committees have had to increase fees for the coming membership year (21/22) by approximately 5.5%. The committees would like to give members feeling the strain the opportunity to start making part payments towards their 21/22 membership fees.

If you would like to start making payments over the next 4 months towards next year’s fees, please send an email to who will respond with the amount due and the payment and reference details for your category membership.

Club hours for long weekend 24th to 27th April

The Club will be open on Monday 26th and 27th April with Public Holiday hours as per the club hours attached (essentially not open for dinner).

Live Music This Weekend
On Friday 23rd April Rob Main Bailey will be entertaining members from 4.30pm to 8pm

HAPPY HOUR is from 4pm to 6pm every Friday

On Sunday 25th April, IGAL will be playing from 1pm to 5pm

Thank you for your continued support.

We look forward to seeing you at the club

The PWC Team