PWC Clubhouse Update 23/03/2022

Dear DUC and DSBC Members

The clubhouse will be open on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th March for the school holidays. Club operating hours on these two days will be from 9am to 3pm.

During the School Holidays there is a Kids Holiday Beach Camp planned for the 28th and 29th March. Please see end of email for details.

Cashless Club

The club committee would like to move towards being a cashless club by June 2022.

Although the club does offer credit card facilities, due to the concrete and steel cage within which the club is located and the resultant poor Wi-Fi and cell signal, there is a slow authorisation process of the credit card machines which in turn slows down the queues at the tills as members wait for the credit card payments to go through before moving on and the next person in the queue can order.

To speed up our service points we would like to encourage members to make use of the MyClubAccount internet payment platform where you can load funds into your club membership card to use at the club till points as well as to pay for upcoming club events like the Open Water Swim that is on this weekend as well as the DSBC Festival (see details below).

MyClubAccount interacts directly with the club server so that funds loaded via the platform from your internet banking are instantly available to you at the club. You can also load your membership card with funds at any of the till points when you are at the club.

MyClubAccount. –

Because the platform “talks” to the club server, the details you enter when registering must match those that the club has on file. If you encounter problems trying to register on the MyCLubAccount , please contact for assistance.

Please see MyClubAccount attachment for details.

What’s Happening at the Club:

Wednesday 5pm to 6pm

Happy Hour: 30% off members drink prices excluding soft drinks.

Saturday 26th March

• Ocean Open water Swim 

• 3pm to 7pm Saturday Sunset Session – Live Music with DJ Spike

• 4.30 pm to 6pm Happy Hour: 30% off members drink prices excluding soft drinks.

Sunday 27th March

SANParks will be present at the club to raise awareness about water issues 

• 1pm to 5pm Sunday Party Vibes with live music by Igal

This week’s menu specials Wed 23rd March – Sun 27th March

This week’s Kitchen Specials

  • Quarter Peri Peri Chicken with Calamari tubes grilled or fried with chips or salad R 95
  • Linefish with mash potato and Mediterranean Vegetables R 98

Wednesday 23rd March

Burger and Drink Special – Bacon / Cheese and Crispy Onion Ring Burger With a 440ml can of Priestly
R 75

Thursday 24th March Club Night

Pork Belly Roast and vegetables
R 95
Roast Beef and vegetables R 98

Friday 25th March – Family Friday

Eisbein with vegetables R 98
Stuffed Chicken and vegetables R 75
Pie Chips, coleslaw and Gravy!!

Friday Only

Served with a Lemon Flying Fish Beer R 70

Sunday 27th March

Pork Belly Roast and vegetables R 95
Beef Wellington and vegetables R 98


If you are wondering what to do with your kids in the school holidays, there will be a Kids Beach camp on 28 and 29 March. The camp will be run from Point Watersports Sports Club from 08h30 to 16h00 each day. The camp is targeted for children between 7 – 12 years old, and the cost of each camp is R700.00 per person.

This is an all-day program and therefore really value for money when you consider the other holiday programs out there. Supervision, activities, meals, and juice are included.

We will be adhering to COVID-19 regulations:

  • All children must arrive with a mask.
  • Temperatures will be taken on arrival.
  • The groups under each supervisor will be smaller.
  • Most of the activities are outdoors. Whilst indoors, social distancing and mask wearing will be compulsory.
  • Please do not send your children to the Kids Beach Club, if you feel the precautions are not adequate or the child/children are not well.

Activities are weather dependant and could be subject to change. The proposed programme is as follows:

28 & 29 March



Orientation & paperwork

08h30 – 09h00

Scavenger hunt

09h00 – 10h00

Beach Volleyball & Body Boarding

10h00 – 12h00


12h00 – 13h00

Walk along pathway to uShaka

13h00 – 13h30

Wet and Wild

13h30 – 16h00



Walk along pathway to uShaka

08h30 – 09h00

Snorkelling in the aquarium

09h00 – 10h30


10h30 – 12h00


12h00 – 13h00

Body Boarding

13h00 – 16h00

Beach Games

We will be limiting the number of children participating in the Beach Club, so please confirm asap if you want your child/children to participate. Only full payment confirms the booking. When booking please advise the name, surname, and age of the child.
For more information or to make a booking, please contact Beryl Evans, the program co-ordinator on or 082 5747871

Durban Ski Boat Festival April 2022 – online entries.

You can now enter the DSBC Festival via the MyClubAccount website using the following link:

Early bird tickets are now available for purchase and non-members can enter as visitors on the website.
Should you have any queries regarding on-line entries, please email For those that prefer the more traditional entry form, we have attached it for your convenience.

For out-of-town members and participants, there is plenty of apartment rental accommodation available in the Point area within walking distance to the DSBC clubhouse and launch facility. Participants in the event will be able to park their boats on the beach for the duration of the event and 24 hr security will be provided by the club.

For Point area accommodation enquiries:

Jason 0825202510

Angie 0828172957

As the Festival takes place over a holiday long weekend, we recommend booking accommodation now as these modern apartments are popular with holidaymakers.

Should you have any queries or require more information, please email Jackie:

Hawkers and Beggars at the club

The wooden boardwalk in front of the club is a public throughfare and as such, you may be approached by beggars and hawkers. They will usually try to sell you a sticker or trinket to raise funds for shelter or transport. Some beggars will scratch in a waste bin in front of your table and put a morsel of waste food in their mouths to elicit sympathy from you and tug at your heart strings while looking at you with pleading eyes for a handout.

If you do not want to be hassled at the club by these antics and approaches, you will have to politely decline and ignore these approaches because if you do succumb and give money or food, they will only come back. There is a reason why every traffic light has someone looking for a handout!

Acceptable Handouts

If you do feel the charitable spirit to assist someone in need while at the club, please consider Hansie the car guard who assists members in the club parking. Hansie is not homeless but he does live from hand to mouth without any savings to fall back on in his advancing age. He assists members with parking, looking after their vehicles, belongings and keys as well as assisting the club in managing the parking areas.

Hansie works for tips only (except for Sunday and public holidays when he is paid by the club) and he is a skilled artisan in metal work and welding if you are looking for some assistance in this regard. To supplement his income, Hansie also sells large jars of homemade pickled onions for R70 which are available behind the club kitchen counter.

We look forward to seeing you at the club

The PWC Team

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