Newsbreak 4/09/2020

Dear DUC and DSBC Members

We had some fun this week with 70km/hr easterly winds reminding us that we were back on the beach with a proper sand blasting. However inside the new club house, we were sheltered from the wind and operations continued as normal without any sand in our sandwiches.

Communication with the club

Being housed in a new development and with Telkom discontinuing ADSL in the Point area, the club is currently reliant on a dish system to bring internet and Wi Fi connectivity to the club as we are still waiting for the optic fibre infrastructure to reach the club house.

We have also changed to a VOIP telephone system which operates on an internet connection. So a combination of a weak internet connection and an unreliable Telkom has meant that members have been struggling to phone the club office at times.

Until the situation improves please rather email any queries you have to the club to and we will try to answer as speedily as possible. We also have one “direct” VOIP line available 031 0300190 which you can use if your query is really urgent.

Where is the new clubhouse?

Although the club is still operating on a limited basis in terms of opening hours as well as food and beverage service, you are welcome to visit the club to check it out. The big question now is “Where are we?”

Please find attached an explanation of the club position and basic layout in relation to the new Point Promenade.

Club Hours

Clubhouse 6am to 3pm
Office 9am to 3pm

These hours will change once the clubhouse is fully operational.

See you at the club soon

Keep safe and sane
The PWC Team