Newsbreak 14/09/2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dear DUC and DSBC Members

By Friday 4th September all the kitchen equipment was connected and the extractor was finally operational ( air extraction was a major consideration and cost factor for the new clubhouse) so we tested the equipment with a limited menu and staff over the weekend 5th and 6th September and thank goodness we did. Having equipment lie idle for almost 6 months has not been ideal and breakdowns were frequent.

By Friday 11th the kitchen teething problems had been mostly resolved so we expanded the menu offering and allowed the word to “seep” out that we were ready to start receiving a few more members on the weekend. However by Sunday 13th the “seep” had turned into a “flood” and we were inundated with members who could no longer hold out and needed to get some fresh sea air in their lungs and sand between their toes.

We apologise for any delay in service that you may have experienced this past weekend. We are aiming to ramp up service for next weekend with the re-introduction of the quick breakfast station, an additional coffee machine and possibly an additional bar service area.

As we stand today, there are still areas of the club that need to be completed and there are items like Audio Visual, access control, signage, cleaning and décor that also require a lot of further attention. During the coming weeks we are going to continue to increase our service capacity, extend the club operational area, staffing, opening hours and menu offerings.

Although the clubhouse is now effectively open with some limitations, the official opening date (read as “party” ) is still to be announced. See attachment for more detail.

Club hours as from 14th September

Opening times

Club opens daily at 6am and we will try to serve coffee and crunchies as soon as possible thereafter

Kitchen opens daily at 7am
Bar opens daily at 10am
Office opens daily at 9am

Closing times

Office closes daily at 3pm
Monday to Wednesday Club closes 3pm
Thursday, Friday , Saturday Club closes 8pm
Bar closes 7.30 pm (last order)
Kitchen closes 7pm (last order)

Sunday Club closes 7pm
Bar closes 6.30 pm (last order)
Kitchen closes 5.45pm (last order)

New clubhouse – things we would like to have

The hospitality industry was particularly hard hit during the various stages of the COVID lockdown and several establishments closed their doors. The club is on the lookout for the following items which may now be surplus to requirements for some establishments (and on the cheap side!) and will assist the club to serve it’s growing membership and demand:

  • Shelving suitable for kitchens and food stuff storerooms
  • Kitchen counter prep fridges 3 door
  • Deep fryers , commercial sandwich toasters, counter top grills
  • Large capacity grease trap
  • Soft serve ice cream machine
  • Anti-slip mats for club entrances and bathrooms

If you are in the position to assist with any of the above, please email Roxy on

The children’s favourite, the club fish tank, is nearly up and running again and Tommy is on the lookout for a 100 to 150lt plastic water tank with a large top opening ( he has to get his hand/ arm in it) to hold the RO water for the fish tank. If you are in the position to assist Tommy, please email Nikky on  or 072 2231729

Bait for sale

You can rest assured that the seafood we are currently serving you is NOT the old stock that has been in the club freezer for the last 6 months.

The old seafood stock is now available for sale as fishing bait. We have hake, dorado, cleaned and uncleaned calamari (including calamari steaks) as well as some shrimp available while stocks last:
Calamari R60/kg
Shrimp R30 / pkt
Fish R25 / kg (can be used for chum)

Contact David on  or on the club number 031 0300190 if you are interested .


COVID reminders

A reminder that when you are inside the clubhouse, masks must be worn and that social distancing protocols are followed. There are sanitizing stations around the clubhouse and soap is available at the wash basins. South Africa seems to have done quite well in containing the deadly effects of the COVID 19 virus and we would hate the club to become a virus “hot spot” and have to curtail operations when we are just about to become fully operational again. Please be considerate to fellow members who are concerned for their health or may be compromised.

Keep safe and sane
The PWC Team