PWC Clubhouse Update 25/05/2021

Dear DUC and DSBC Members

No more lecturing on how to behave around the clubhouse for the time being! Here is the club news.

There are a lot of attachments to this newsletter. If you need them sent to you due to being “stripped out” by your email server, please send an email to or check out the DSBC and DUC Facebook pages.

Port Discs ready for collection

Watercraft that use the harbour for fishing need a Transnet harbour permit in order to do so. This is also known by members as the “Pink Disc” – which is similar to the “Pink Ticket” you need from your wife to go fishing.

Harbour Permits are now available for collection for “S “and “DUC “numbered boats from the club office. If you paid the club for your boat inspection in November 2020, then the cost of the harbour permit was included in your boat inspection fee.

If you are a DUC or DSBC member with a boat not inspected through the club or with a non-club number, you can also collect a harbour permit, but the applicable fee is due:

Ski Boat Over 6m R450
Ski Boat Under 6m R225
Paddle (fishing) Ski R80
* NB – only for craft with DUC *** FS number and the fee is due in all instances as no inspection fee was charged at inspection time.

Surf Ski Development Update

On Saturday mornings you may see some youngsters in surf ski paddling kit around the clubhouse. These development paddlers have been nurtured with support from The Paddling Academy, Bay Union Insurance and the PWC clubs, and they participate in events under the Siyaphambili banner.

The program has been in place for several years now and is bearing fruit as you can see from the report back attached. Should you like more information on this initiative, please contact the committee member for Surf Ski, David :

Tent Structure for Sale

The Marshalls tent structure in the attached aerial picture followed us from the old club site to the temporary club site and we kept on to it when we moved to the new permanent clubhouse for “just in case.”

Non-hoarders say if you do not use something in six months, it’s time to let it go, so this tent structure is up for sale. It was manufactured by MTT Structures in Westmead, Pinetown ( ) and is currently stored, disassembled, in a container at the club.

We are looking for offers in the R40 000 negotiable range.


Wednesday 26th May:

Bacon and Cheeseburger with onion rings and chip AND a Windhoek Draught R75

Looking to warm up? Try the quick meal curry (larger portion than off the menu – only available on

Wednesday evening from 4pm)
Quick meal Butter Chicken R70
Quick meal Prawn Curry R85

Thursday 27th May – Club Night:

An explanation for the new members on Club Night. Before the era of social media, club members gathered at the club on Thursday to plan for the weekend activities ahead. Social media has negated the reason but the tradition lives on: This is the night for the popular roast pork dinner.

This week there will be a surprise winter comfort food addition to the quick meal station.

Friday 28th May:

Happy Hour 4pm to 6pm
Eisbein Special available from 12.30pm R98
Live Music with DJ Kurt from 4.30pm to 8pm

Saturday 29th May

Monthly Beach Clean Up

Go to the Event for details or contact Billi-Jean:

Monthly Openwater League Swim – open to all.

This event will move to Sunday 30th if conditions are not suitable on Saturday. Contact Steve for more details

Sunday 30th May

King of the Bay surf ski race

Live Music with IGAL 1pm to 5pm

Saturday 5th June

World Ocean day –

includes Ocean & Reef Clean Up along with beach activities ( volleyball) and environmental market stalls.
Contact the club Environmental committee member Lindsay for more details:

Wednesday 16th June –Potjie Comp

See event for details or contact Lizell
We look forward to seeing you at the club

The PWC Team

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