PWC Clubhouse Update 9/06/2021

Dear DUC and DSBC Members

With load shedding currently scheduled to remain in place until Sunday evening 13th June, you are reminded that the club does have a standby generator which enables the club to continue with most operations (car park is a bit dark!) during load shedding. Load shedding in the La Lucia / Umhlanga (zone 15) is scheduled for 6pm to 8pm Wednesday night, right during dinner time, so we expect to see the larneys at the club tonight enjoying the menu specials below.

Junior and Ladies Fishing Comp Sunday 13th June

After a week of beasterly easterly winds, the weather forecast looks much improved for this coming weekend to run the previously postponed Junior and Ladies fishing comp. This is now scheduled to take place this Sunday 13th June. Launch at first light – scales close at 2pm. For more details or to enter, contact Alan: 0833095132

This weeks specials – Winter comfort meal – Oxtail on Thursday!

Wednesday 9th June

All day
Burger and Beer Windhoek Special R 75
Quick Station from 4.30pm
Lamb curry R 85
Butter Chicken Curry R 70
Both served with rice and sambals

Thursday 10th June from 4.30pm

Pork Belly and Vegetables R 90
Oxtail and Vegetables R 100

Friday 11th June

Pepper steak Pies with chips and curry gravy R 75 (Sold out last week – qty to be upped this week)
Eisbein and vegetables R 98 available from 12.30pm
Chicken Lasagne and vegetables R 80

Sunday 13th June

Pork Belly and vegetables R 90
Stuffed Chicken and vegetables R 75

Brief History of the Club Canteens.

In the early years of the clubs’ existence, the club canteen was manned by club volunteers, usually the wives of the male members who were out fishing and diving and the meals served were very basic. When the women came to their senses, staff were then employed to man the canteens.

Despite the resultant increase in food production and expanded menus, meals were still basic and most of the clubs’ extra income was generated through the bar with only about 30% of the extra income coming from canteen sales.

Things began to change early in the new millennium with the introduction of drinking and driving laws which saw a drop in alcohol sales as members were wary of running the gauntlet back home after a couple of drinks at the club. To compensate for the loss of income, the clubs began to improve their food offering and staff training to entice members to have a meal at the club with the aim being to provide quality meals at an affordable price to members.

The club canteens then evolved into restaurants which in turn enticed non-water sport members to join the clubs as social members, not only to enjoy the affordable food offerings but also the club’s location on the beach and views of the ocean and city. Today, income from food sales makes up 65% of the club’s extra income.

The effects COVID on the Club Restaurant and the future

The clubs’ relocated to the new venue in the period between the 1st and 2nd COVID wave of infections and as a result, the club menu was pared down to align with expected member support and to reduce input and staff costs. However, member support of the club restaurant since relocation has been good and the club has managed to meet its budgeted turnover in the kitchen during the months where trading has been as “normal” as could be over the past year of disruption.

As a result, the club is now able to consider expanding the menu and offerings and to this end has employed Hazell who will assist Roxy, the kitchen manager, to increase and improve production in the kitchen. Some popular menu items were removed after relocation, and we are starting to slowly reintroduce them. We are also aware that our salad, vegetarian and menu specials need attention and expanding.

The club restaurant is your restaurant and you do have a say in what you would like to see on the menu. We are willing to consider the input of the members within reason in terms of pricing considerations as well as input and staffing costs. You can relay your say to Roxy by emailing her on:

Many of the kitchen staff have been with the club more than 10 years and it is the consistency and quality of the staff production and resultant club offering that draws members to the club. However, sometimes there is a slip up in the club operations which may negatively affect your experience at the club.

If you do have an experience at the club that is not to the normal and expected standard, please do not wait until you get home to fire off an email of complaint or post the unhappy experience on social media. There is always a manager on duty who will attend to your concerns and try to correct what went wrong. We encourage you to let us know as soon possible while still at the club so we can identify and correct the problem immediately. It is through your feedback back that we are able to maintain the quality and standard of the club offering, so we value any that we get- both good and bad.

Hansie Fundraising

Many members will be familiar with Hansie, our long-time parking attendant, helper and guard. Sadly, Hansie lost his son in tragic circumstances this week and he needs our help. Hansie needs to travel to Cape Town to attend his affairs and make arrangement to bid his final farewell. Please could we ask you to consider donating to our fundraiser to give Hansie and his family some financial aid at this very sad time.

We thank you in advance for your contribution.

You can donate via the PWC My Club Account on the following link:
Visitors can click the T&C’s checkbox, click Events & Ticketing and make their donation.
Members can login, click Events & Ticketing and make their donation.
If you are a member but do not want to sign up for My Club Account ( or are unable to) but would still like to donate, you can do so as a Visitor. Donations will close on Sunday night 13th June.

If you have any queries or are unable to register as a member for My Club Account, please contact

We look forward to seeing you at the club

The PWC Team

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