PWC Clubhouse Update 19/04/2022

Dear DUC and DSBC Members

The club reverts to normal hours from Tuesday 19th April – club hours are attached for your convenience.

This means that the clubhouse will be closed on Tuesday 19th for those members who do not have water at home and have been using the club for their ablutions over the past week. However, the clubhouse will be open again at 7am on Wednesday 20th – so you can pop in for a shower and shave before heading off to work. Coffee should be available from 7.15 / 30 am. Breakfast is served from 8am.

A reminder that there are 24/7 ablutions which are accessed from the undercover car park. Please rinse sand off your feet before entering and try to leave them in a better condition than you found them as there are no cleaners on Tuesdays. Please make sure that if you let someone into these bathrooms, that they have an access card to let them out as an access card is needed for both entry and exit to these ablutions.

There are also warm showers in the car park next to the car park south pedestrian gate for those members who have been in the ocean to use.

Warm water in Bathrooms

Warm water in the bathrooms is provided by means of a gas geyser and the efficient operation of the gas geyser is dependent on a variety of factors such as temperature, water and gas pressure and how many warm water taps are open at the same time.

If any of these factors are not optimal, then the geyser may go into error mode and will then have to be reset. Please do not wait until you get home and go on to social media to have this issue resolved, rather bring the situation to the club management’s attention (not the cleaner or coffee counter staff) at the time so that the geyser can be reset and you can have warm water while still at the club.

Easter Beach Clean up – Thank you

A big shout out to those members who came down to the club over the weekend to help clear Vetches beach of debris and rubbish. A big thank you to members, Deon Erwee (Coffee Merchant), Paul Low (Slush Puppy), Bruce Pender-Smith (DBC Packaging – collection bags), Duane Taylor (Tufbag – collection bags), Ian Dodds and Lizell Bright (easter eggs) for their donation /organisation of product to reward and assist the members who helped clear the beach.

Water Safety at the club

To date the club has managed to ensure that there has been no watercraft / bather / diver incident at the Vetches beach. Please find attached a document regarding water safety at in the Vetches basin.
We would like the highlight the safety requirements for swimmers, divers and boating members in that boats should try and stay at least 50m away from both Vetches reef and the North Harbour breakwater and divers / swimmers should not stray more than 50m from the same.

Divers and swimmers are to not to cross the basin from Vetches to North Pier or visa versa while in the water as this puts them directly in the path of boats and their propellors while launching and beaching.

What’s Happening at the Club:

Wednesday 20th April
5pm to 6pm
Happy Hour: 30% off members drink prices excluding soft drinks.

Saturday 23rd April

  • 3pm to 7pm Saturday Sunset Session – Live Music with DJ Sibi
  • 4.30 pm to 6pm Happy Hour: 30% off members drink prices excluding soft drinks.

Sunday 24th April

  • 1pm to 5pm Sunday Party Vibes with live music by Igal

This week’s menu specials Wed 20th April – Sunday 24th April

This week’s daily Kitchen Specials subject to availability

  • Pork Belly Burger with honey jack sauce and Asian slaw R 78
  • Surf and Turf with beef rump with crushed potatoes R 110
  • Calamari tubes stuffed with cous cous, sausage,peppers and fresh herbs, served with medley veg R 120

Specials below subject to availability

Wednesday 20h April

Burger and Drink Special – Bacon / Cheese and Crispy Onion Ring Burger With a 440ml can of Priestly R 75

Curry Night

Spicy Beef Curry with rice and sambals R 80
Lamb Curry with rice and sambals R 90

Thursday 21st April Club Night

Pork Belly Roast and vegetables R 95
Stuffed Chicken and vegetables R 75

Friday 22nd April– Family Friday

Eisbein with vegetables served from 12 30 R 98
Wellington Beef and vegetables R 98

Sunday 24th April

Pork Belly Roast and vegetables R 95
Roast Chicken and vegetables R 75

See you at the club

The PWC Team

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